Mobius scarf

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I have used some gorgeous Hand Maiden Lady Godiva yarn for this delicious scarf. I have used Cat Bhordi's magic cast on so the scarf is a true mobius with no grafting or joins. I love the way the mobius knits from the middle out and am planning another one already. I would like to create the next one with a lacy sticth pattern and knit stitches showing on one side, purl on the other. I love the way this scarf works and the yarn is so snuggly and soft.......I must find more of it!!!




Anonymous said...

Gorgeous scarf louise! That yarn looks divine, where did you get it from? Can't wait till I can knit again! xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

That is so gorgeous, Louise!

Lucy x

Lorraine said...

never heard of mobius but this looks lovely